15.-17.Dez. Sparkle Through The Darkness Shabbaton Mit Tollen Gästen Und Einer Super Atmosphäre

sparkle smallWe are delighted to invite you to spend a sparkling Shabbat Experience
with Rabbi David Delman (NY), Tuvia Shengait & Aliona & Emanuel from the Kite Association
What can you expect?

☑️  Students & Young Professionals from all over Germany and EU (18-35 years)
☑️  Warm shabbat atmosphere
☑️  Delicious meals
☑️  Exciting classes & workshops
☑️ Kite Show & Workshop with the board members of the Ukranian kite assocication "Illuminating the Night"
Participation fee: Entire program: Professionals 60€ ; Students* 40€
You may chose to participate only at a part of the program:
Program + One meal: Professionals 30€; Students* 16€
Hotel for 2 nights extra: Double room: Professionals: 90 € per person Students: 45 € per person / Single room: upon request
Reduction 5€ for members of the Jewish Community Frankfurt or early bird for students: 5 € reduction if you register until 20.11.2023 for the entire program (you can only use one reduction)
Registration deadline: 10.12.2023
Students are full-time students without income and young people with low budget
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Location: Jüdische Gemeinde Frankfurt


Friday, 15.12.2023
15:45 Mincha
16:00 Candle lighting
17:00 Reception & Kiddush & Sufganiot & Coffee
18:00 Ice-Breaker
18:30 Kabbalat Shabbat & Presenting guest speakers
19:15 Festive Shabbat Meal
1. Talk with Rabbi Delman
2. Talk with Tuvia Shengait
21:30 Oneg Shabbat, Stories, Songs
Shabbat 16.12.2023
9:30 Shacharit
12:00 Festive Shabbat Meal
1. Talk with Rabbi Delman
2. Talk with Tuvia Shengait
14:30 Mincha
15:00 Free Time
16:00 Seuda Shlishit + Talk with Rabbi Delman
17:20 Havdala
19:00 Meeting point for Kite Program "Illuminating the Night"
21:45 Bar
Sunday 17.12.2023
9:00 Shacharit in the Westend Synagogue
11:00 Brunch
11:30 Talk by Rabbi Delman
12:30 Kite Workshop
13:30 Good-Bye
Rabbi DelmannOur Guest: Rabbi David Delman grew up in Silver Spring, MD. After graduating from Yeshiva High School in 2000, Rabbi Delman spent the next 5 years studying at various Torah institutions in Israel which culminated in receiving his Rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva Ohr Somayach. In 2003 Rabbi Delman married Tova Kober, and together began a lifelong passion for Jewish outreach. Out of their home in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Rabbi & Mrs Delman undertook a program for at risk teenagers. The program was an instant success and many people today lead productive and fulfilling lives due to their efforts. In 2006 Rabbi and Mrs Delman moved to Austin, Texas to continue their outreach work at the University of Texas. After just one year, Rabbi & Mrs Delman accepted a position entailing greater responsibility with R.O.O.T.S at Stony Brook University. Simultaneously, Rabbi Delman completed graduate school at the Yeshiva University Wurzweiler program and now practices Social Work along side his Jewish outreach responsibilities. Now residing in Queens NY; Rabbi & Mrs Delman continue to open their home and their hearts to hundreds of college & high school students each year! Rabbi Delman now serves as Director of the J-Wave fellowships at CHAZAQ as well as director of NCSY Roslyn. He also teaches regularly at B’nos Binah & Ateres Naava seminaries in Brooklyn NY. Rabbi & Mrs Delman have seven beautiful children k”h. Pinchas (18), Sara Bracha (17),Tzivia Ahuva (14),Yocheved Gittel (13),Kayla (10),Yechezkel (6), and Mordechai Maanis (3).
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